Sunday, May 07, 2006

Long weekend

Seen 2 really nice markets this weekend, one across town, the other a 5 minute walk from home. Posted those photos along with many others on Flickr-- I have nearly 500 up now!
Ironically I have been working on Italian this weekend as opposed to French. Met both a French woman who is fluent in Italian and a guy from Rome (seperately) for language exchanges, which went well. It's incredible how much Italian I have forgotten, but at the same time I remember a respectable amount. It was extremely hard for me to not speak French when I was trying to speak Italian! I made a tremendous amount of mistakes by trying to bastardize French grammer and vocabulary into Italian form. I hope that says good things about my advancements in the French department, at least.
May is chock full of holidays here. We had May Day last week, this Monday we have Armistice Day, and then in a week or two it's Ascension, which apparently dictates 2 days off. It's nice I guess to not have to wake up early and all, but I'm somewhat restless as it is, so another whole day off slightly exacerbates the problem. And yet on the other hand the next two weeks are cuisine (ie cooking), which to my understanding means a lot of basic knife skills stuff. Call me crazy, but I'm none too keen on tournee-ing and brunoise-ing vegetables from 8 to 4:30. I suppose the school holidays could easily be spent laboring over my French and Italian studies...

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