Saturday, May 06, 2006

Photos- bigger, better!! And Skype!

I swallowed the fee for a "pro" Flickr account, so I now have a TON more photos up, including all the New York ones I stole from Maggie, and some slightly better organization. Check out the zillion new pictures from classes-- and yes, I did get to devour that buffet by the cocktail party class :)
In other news, we finally bought a mic for the computer, so our Skype is up and running. For those that do not know about Skype, check it out here. It's great!! You can call us on there (free for us both!), AND we soon hope to also set up SkypeIn, which means you can call us at a Minneapolis (for example) number from your land/cell line. Our username is "Juliette Lelchuk Ryan Parsons." We also have voicemail on there.

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