Monday, January 29, 2007

Exhausted, proud, sad... Auriga: the end of an era

Sadly, very sadly, Auriga is no more. Vultures are already upon it, picking and scrutinizing the remains. Our last week was difficult, physically and emotionally. To call it stressful would be an understatement of the highest order-- we did a nearly unfathomable amount of business between Tuesday and Saturday, so much in fact that it was almost ridiculous. By the way, I'm going to take this opportunity, as this is my blog and my prerogative, to briefly say a big FUCK YOU to those involved in the gift certificate "scandal." I now have an even greater antipathy for Fox News (no big surprise there), as they may be largely responsible for the stampede of insensitive assholes who showed up in the last couple of days of business demanding reimbursement.... reimbursement for a GIFT, no less..... the definition of GIFT being something you have not purchased for yourself, but rather was given to you out of generosity and kindness. And here we are, over thirty people out of work, owners up to their eyeballs in debt and all kinds of hell, and these jerks show up asking for a check. For their gift. But.... those people are certainly not among the many wonderful folks who came by to show their support and wish us all well one last time this past week. My sincere thanks to all of you, especially the regulars who've been coming in for years, whether it be for happy hour pizzas or Catalan stew or even your weddings or whatever. I wasn't part of Auriga from the beginning, I've been gone for almost a year, and I only was back for one utterly insane final week, but I honestly feel like I never left.... Auriga had its own community, some of you knew that and some did not. But it was there and it was real. I hope we're all going to go on and do some great things out there, together or not. For my part, I am proud and truly honored to have landed --by chance-- in the midst of such a beautiful place. Auriga, you will be sorely missed.

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