Friday, July 03, 2009

Minneapolis Dy 7: BBQ Fest

These pictures were taken chez Flicker, where we (and by "we" I mean mostly Doug and partly TJ) staged a meat feast to rival even that of Fogo de Chão. Alongside the carnage we also had tuna & shells, two types of coleslaw, sweet corn, and of course Doug's patented BBQ sauce. Not to mention optionally spiked Koolaid (of the non-suicidal variety) and TJ's home brews, including Chimp Attack. It was exactly the perfect kind of chill backyard affair I needed to do while home for a visit. Thanks again y'all!!

The representing proteins: pork belly, short ribs, veal tongue, merguez à la Rawitzer, chicken and filet mignon.

For dessert I patched together a mille feuille of sorts with sheep's milk yogurt mousse, rhubarb compote and pistachio brittle.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Minneapolis Day 7: The Saints

Karate Night with the St Paul Saints

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Minneapolis Day 7: lunch at Jasmine Deli

Going against my intuition, I had a late lunch at Jasmine Deli due to the fact that Quang's is closed on Tuesdays. Sure enough, it was merely serviceable. The pork was wafer-thin and dry, there was little cilantro and no mint in the salad, and the nuoc cham was sweet and one-dimensional. I probably should have gone to Pho 79.

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