Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dispatch from Lexington, Nebraska

Much has transpired since I last posted, and now here I am, post-Harry's, at a Days Inn somewhere in central Nebraska. Between a toast and jam breakfast and lunch in El Paraiso in neighboring Cozad, we are eating our way to the sunny shores of the Pacific (ones not engulfed in flames, that is). We had a major strike out in that endeavor last night at Don and Millie's just outside Omaha. Our quarry was the cheese frenchee: a deep fried battered and cornflaked mayo-cheese sandwich. The reality: a bland, crumb-coated abomination of a grilled cheese. Onion rings were similarly crumbed and unappealing (although improved by dunking in ranch-- obtained at the big pump at the cash register), and even the morbidly enormous chili-cheese dog was curiously bland and extra greasy. The food settled in our stomachs like a cinderblock, and even the 99 cent margaritas didn't improve things.
Hopefully today we will fare better!