Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hello blog, I'm back!

So it's been awhile, in fact quite a long while, but it's finally time to get back to the keyboard. So much eating and so much cooking has occured in the meantime! It's been over three months since I intended to give my own Best of 2007 list (cliché as they might be), but I will still do my best to to conjure up and put into writing those especially memorable meals and dishes-- of which there was happily no shortage, particularly in SF.

Lately my excuse for having neither written nor barely eaten, slept nor seen the light of day is that I am indeed back to work... in spades. 'Why, why do I keep opening kitchens? Whay do I do this to myself?!' is the half-joking refrain I've cried both aloud and to myself as of late. Is it simple masochism? Does it go back to childhood trauma? Or am I cosmically cursed? Yes, it's painful, to be sure. Really though, in spite of the dramatization, it certainly is good experience.

If I survive.

Ok, really, joking aside, things are going very well, and improving all the time. I've begun having a good time at work, now that I've started to let go of the enormous pressure that I was creating for myself. Not to say there's no pressure, oh no! Indeed there is, plenty enough for everybody to get a big piece of the pie. But I'm trying to take one day at a time, which is really all you can do in this industry so much of the time.

I swear that list is coming. And photos!