Wednesday, March 15, 2006

La Grande Pomme

Two cancelled flights and one lost (well, for 22 hours) bag later, we eventually made to New York last night. Much needed Red Stripe and tacos awaited us here on the Lower East Side, where we are staying with my friends Maggie and Sergio.
On the flight I somewhat appropriately started reading A Cook's Tour, but had to stop about 20 pages into when the description of a pig slaughter almost made me use the in-flight sick bag.
I started my own cook's tour this morning with a late breakfast at a tiny mexican deli/ cornerstore a few blocks away called Zaragosta with delicious tacos-- one lingua, one lamb barbacoa-- rice and beans and a tamarind juice. The tamale I tasted was great too.
Later we ended up in a little hip 50's style bakery with a ton of cupcakes. I bought a Sour Cream Spice one to save for later, that being now. Bought new clogs, and the punk-ass salesboy told me my old ones are disgusting, to which I answered I like them and think they have character. He said now the trash will like them too. ??
For dinner we went to Rai Rai Ken, a tiny little ramen place two blocks away. It reminded me of Al's Breakfast-- nothing but a little doorway leading to a long skinny counter with stools and the line right behind it. Had great shio ramen with nori, hard boiled egg, fish cake, roast pork, spinach and a big handful of scallions, with a side of pretty good kimchee.

And tomorrow...?


Your_pops said...

Brava on the blog, Juliette! The ramen shop sounds very cool. I don't think I could have done the Mexican food for breakfast, but it sounded good. Have fun!

Sherry said...

hey, Great clogblog, Juliette ! & a hi to Ryan ~
Dad had told me about cell calls between you guys. I was dismayed your lost bag, Ryan
then pretty annoyed w/how airlines all too often do that - 's happened to my luggage a few times.
I'm so glad that your bag was found & returned to you, Ryan
- & happy that you guys seem to be having a better trip now.
Juliette, I can relate to your repulsion re the pig slaughter description - becos having repeatedly seen how most consumed animals are treated & slaughtered has turned me off enough, especially emotionally, to make me stop eating flesh.
I'm looking fwd to reading your future clog/blogs & esp, If you make it there, about your *Soup Nazi* experience.
Bon Appetit, bon chance, have fun & stay safe !
Love, mom/sherry

Sherry said...

hi again, Juliette ~ if neccessary, forgive me for also using "clog" in my blogname- which I used cuz rt now the term just seems to suit me well !
your posted pix are cool~