Monday, October 23, 2006


The combination of friends being in town and Ryan being so close to leaving has given birth to a feeding frenzy, so to speak, on restaurants lately.
We've (or I've) been to...
Chez Jenny, an Alsatian bistro right on Republique, pretty good and not pricey
Café Milou, little bistro near Montparnasse, good and friendly, with a big charcuterie board starter
Le Tir-Bouchon, right off Montorgeuil in the 2eme, friendly and very good
Asia Palace, next door to Tang Freres in the 13eme, cheap and very tasty dim sum-- but no carts =(
Little Italy, on Montorgeuil, very friendly and busy, inexpensive great pasta

And as already mentioned, there was also L'Atelier, as well as repeat visits to Salon de Thé Wen Zhou and Chartier. We'll probably try to squeeze in a few more before the week is up...

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