Wednesday, November 22, 2006

And here... am I sitting in a tin can?......

Pretty passion flower outside Les Frigos.
Fête-ing the Beaujolais Nouveau at Lenôtre.
Le Pignon in plated desserts class.
La Pêche Blanche in plated desserts class.
Gang of Four play Le Festival des Inrocks at La Cigale.

I am still very much alive and well in the land of fromage, despite my grievous lack of blogging as of late. A quick rundown: spent an EXCELLENT week in a plated desserts class; currently spending a very good week in a chocolate entremets class; ate again La Regalade to celebrate the bittersweet graduation of Rosemarie, the first in my class to finish the program; ate excellent Mexican food at a classmate's house; seen some great concerts (Gang of Four, ESG); seen some good films (Shortbus, Borat, and most notably Marie October, an old French black & white whodunnit that I was pleased to understand very well without subtitles); seen some cool stuff for photo month in Paris; trying to speak yet more French, including at home; tried more cheese (no I'm not being sarcastic).

More extensive update to soon to come, but in the meantime you can peruse my 350 or so photos newly up on Flickr. They're not yet fully organized, but check them out anyway.

A bientot...

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