Sunday, December 10, 2006

Home stretch

As impossible and unthinkable as it may be, I am down to my last week of classes at Lenôtre, it being one of three plated desserts classes at the school (although I still have a week scheduled in production and then of course my exam). This past week I also was in plated desserts, which was excellent, despite a pronounced Genius French Man vs. Silly Foreign Girl group dynamic. Although not unusual, that divide was heightened this particular week by the mysterious alchemical ringleadership of the Hotshot Professional From A Certain Big Hotel... granted, this type of Jonesy exists everywhere in the world, but believe me when I say that they're that much worse when they're French. I would say the French culinary school breed of Jonesy can generally be identified by the following characteristics: consistent inability and/or unwillingness to clean up after himself partnered with the tendancy to make big messes, diminuitive stature (ok, that one is not always true), know-it-all attitude, and last but certainly not least-- thinly veiled chauvinism.
Anyhow, perhaps I'll expand on that note in a later retrospective on general French-American cultural differences from my point of view. For now I try to just roll my eyes and keep on working. Ya can't let Jonesy getcha down!

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