Sunday, June 04, 2006

Dix semaines

We saw X Men today, which was fantastic. I saw Marie Antoinette yesterday which was lukewarm at best, yet about a hundred times better than Da Vinci Code which was almost insufferably terrible (although the albino dude really cracked me up). I realized yesterday that of the two films I had seen in Paris, both of them were American-made yet set in France/ Paris. I must say I really enjoy watching english movies and DVDs with the French subtitles. It's quite helpful.
Time is FLYING by! We just finished our 8th week of class, which is impossible to believe. I met up with some of the other girls in my class yesterday for the movie, after which Ryan joined us and we had an insane feast of delicious Korean food at one of the girls' apartments on the southeast peripherique. Her studio's kitchen was scarcely more than a shoebox, but somehow she managed to make a mind-boggling array of dishes-- by far the best asian food I've had since New York. As usual, pictures to come. And we visited a cool Korean grocery near Opera, whose area I noticed is quite peppered with Japanese and Korean markets.
Of course, there is yet another jour de ferie tomorrow, for some Jesus-related cause that I know and care nothing about. It's just as well. I've been feeling a bit run down lately, so I'm happy to have another long weekend. We also went out with Sophie and Julien the other night for dinner and tarot readings, which was interesting and seemingly accurate, though not something I will probably ever spend another 20 euros on.
The last of the road trip pictures are up on Flickr now. This final (and obviously nicest) batch of photos was taken by Beppe.

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