Saturday, January 20, 2007

Back in business!

I had my first day of official "work" in 10 months today, much of which was spent scribbling halfwit dessert code on several blank pages. Such is my feeble effort at organization. No, but really, things went totally fine. Planning aside (which is always perhaps the biggest challenge, whether a rookie or seasoned pro), I was able to execute a few simple things, thereby quelling the vague fear that the act of leaving France had vaporized my pastry skills... like a pumpkinized stagecoach after the glamorous ball. The very first thing at all that I attacked were the macarons...... yes, my old nemesis. It was a spiritual test: I knew that if I could successfully pull off a batch of those damned things right off the bat it would be a good omen. And lo and behold, the heavens opened up and showered macaron fortune upon me! Except that they're way too dry, but it's not entirely my fault as I wasn't able to steam them off the parchment like in France. Can we easily get sulfurized paper here? I don't know. And I haven't looked. But that's ok, the point is that my macarons should taste as good as they look after they've soaked up some humidity from their filling from a couple leisurely days hanging out in the fridge. A technique borrowed from Mr. Hermé, I might add. Anyways, if all continues as planned, the new menu should go up in its entirety this coming Tuesday, with potential early appearances by select items as early as Sunday.

It's good to be back in the land of crazy line cooks.

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