Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A taste of Vietnam

It's so good to eat quality Vietnamese food again, it's almost unbelievable. How could I have gone so long without Quang's? Granted, I had no shortage of other delicious things available to me for the past 10 months, but Vietnamese food this damn good --and for this damn cheap!-- is sadly lacking, indeed, nonexistent, in Paris. And Quang's isn't the only choice here, of course. I've also revisited Pho Tau Bay, which is also very good, but in my opinion the real heavyweight contender for Nicollet Avenue Champion of Vietnamese is perhaps Bubble Delite-- not in terms of ambiance or service, but they have some damn good food, much of which seems a bit more authentic and less modified for Minnesotan tastes than some of the other usual suspects on that street. If only we could breed an all-powerful mutant baby between the ambiance and service of Jasmine Deli with both the authenticity and bubble tea selection of Bubble Delite and the efficiency and consistency of Quang's, I think the resulting bánh mì and bun thit nuong could crush capitalism, end global warming, reverse misogyny and unify all the races and religions in perfect harmony, bringing about a golden, utopic era for humankind!!!!!!!!!

Ok, at least it would be the best lunch in town.

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