Monday, January 15, 2007

The gentle tingling of.... culture shock!

So, here's some initial perceptions I've been having as I go through the wacky mind game called Reverse Culture Shock (uh, is that a real term?). Are any of my observations especially revelatory (or, for that matter, accurate), whether being compared to France or not? No, I certainly don't think so. But judge for yourself.

*Americans are LOUD.
This is more what I'm used to now... BUT HERE EVERYONE SOUNDS LIKE THIIIIIIIIIIS. I find many "indoor voices" --which is to say, for speaking with someone right next to you-- here to be at the volume level I might use for communicating amidst the quickening gale of a level 3 hurricane.

*Kids are bratty. Granted, French kids can definitely be bratty, but they're generally much less so (and quieter!... see above).

*Strangers are friendlier here, which is nothing new considering this is Minnesota. I'm no longer used to looking people in the eye and simply saying "hello," or even smiling, as I walk down the street.

*American TV, advertising and basically most media is such sickening, repulsive and mindless garbage that I can hardly even believe it-- although I already had thought in a less alarming extent that before leaving. Don't get me wrong, a lot of mainstream French stuff is pretty bad too, but here....... it's..... well, just take a look for yourselves.

*Our public transportation in pitiful for a metropolis of our size and population density. Again, I already knew that, but the feeling has been reinforced exponentially.

*It feels as if there are no grocery stores. It's like I should be taking a team of camels on a fortnight's expedition to get my provisions, which must then last me until the spring.

Well, those are just a few, and let's just say that they are the milder, edited ones. And thus begins by attempt at readjustment.

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