Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I smell like fish fumet-- and that's not really a good thing

Cuisine class is ok, even if not tremendously enlightening for me. We've made white and brown veal and chicken stocks, veal and chicken jus (think almost like a demi but with nothing at all but browned meat), fish fumet, a bunch of (frequently mayonnaise-y) vegetable salads, poached salmon which we'll deal with tomorrow somehow, etc etc. By the end of the week we will also have made quiche, various soups and consomme. The teacher is pretty much the highlight of the class, who is very jokey and lowkey, and winking at everyone all the time. And it's nice to work with some meat and vegetables for a change.

Below, my Nid de Poireaux (Nest of Leeks) topped with crab dressed with sauce aurore, plated up in a typically cheesy manner (of my own volition, actually). It was really good... we got to eat them for lunch.

Holy gaping salmon maw!

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