Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Top fives from the past week or so

Recently learned French words or phrases:
1. Qui ressemble s'assemble- lit. "those who resemble assemble" (as may be gathered from the clear similarity)
2. raplapla- very tired, or very thin
3. patte de mouche- lit. "fly leg," equivalent to "chicken scratch" (handwriting)
4. bien arrosé- lit. "well watered," meaning an event had lots of drinking/drunkeness there
5. coquin(ne)- defined on Wordreference as naughty, risqué, scallywag... but defined by my classmates more as a flirty person-- but in a more negetive sense. Not fully equal to sleazy. Partly defined by touchy-feelyness.
Favorite stuff tasted at school:
1. chouquettes, my class
2. lamb chop by the food regeneration class
3. curried breaded pig's foot (?) galette from the charcuterie class
4. sables aux noix, my class
5. gougères, my class
Most fun things:
1. Friday night
2. hamburger dinner here Monday night
3. relentless war of teasing (in good fun) with my buddy Mario in class
4. improving my ability to relentlessly tease in French
5. watching on French TV a recording of Queen playing Wembley Stadium sometime in the late 80's, and then being humbled by the fact the Italians here knew many of the songs better than me
Worst things:
1. very uncomfortable bed coupled with weird French pillows
2. ipod died
3. very little sun
4. news from afar of Bush's continued misadventures
5. right in a row: a 4 year old boy was abducted, then found raped and killed in the woods, and a 6 year old girl was also abducted and found dead. This was elsewhere in the country.

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