Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lower West Side

So, we're settled into our new place, a large, slightly rundown apartment in a quiet part of the 16th arrondissement. We live with 4 Italians (though 2 move out on Sunday), an American guy, and a British girl. And there is supposed to be a Taiwanese girl too, but apparently she paid and never showed up-- over two weeks ago. It's a nice environment here, with a very communal student-y feeling. Ryan is actually the oldest of the lot, winning him the title (well, according to me) of Grandpa Parsons.
We explored a little bit of the Chinatown area in the 13th on Tuesday, which was pretty cool but unfortunately pretty out of the way in relation to us. We bought a load of Asian pantry staples and made a huge Thai dinner for the house, which was good to us but a bit too brutal, spicy-wise, for a few people. That's an especially nice thing about this house-- on most nights everyone eats dinner together (our bedroom doubles as the dining room). We're finally getting some past-due social contact, and an equally needed extra helping of French practice seeing as how half of the people living here are studying French and 2 of the Italians don't speak much english.
This week at school has draaaagged on, despite the fact that it was extra short. I made a pretty cool big ol' decorated bread today:

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