Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Minneapolis Day 1: Hong Kong Noodle

Stopped by good ole HKN. The so-called "kimchee" is as good as always with its whole coriander and pronounced sweetness, and the watercress with garlic was a big yarn-like ball of tasty greens. For some reason I went off my usual beaten path of "weird" stuff and ordered the comparatively mundane beef with celery, which was fine but probably not something I'd get again. My dad polished off an entire Mt. Everest of lo mein, and my mom navigated a huge rice plate of BBQ duck and bok choy. Makes me wish HKN was still right around the corner from home! And as far as a late night joint goes, what it lacks in Sam Wo's kookiness it makes up for in spades with pretty cheap and very tasty eats.

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