Monday, June 29, 2009

Minneapolis Day 5: Chef Shack

Soft shell crab sandwich with ramp tartar sauce and pickled ramp. Perfectly fine, but not worth $10. Possibly-maybe if it came with an accompaniment, but it would need to be something at least psychologically "substantial" like fries or slaw or something. And then I saw a kid get a small scoop of ice cream for FIVE BUCKS... sorry, but that makes even Crema Cafe look like a steal (don't get me wrong, I'm happy to splurge on my Sonny's i.c.). I like the Chef Shack and what they're doing, and I appreciate as much as anyone in the industry the need for sufficient mark-up to create profit. However, some of that pricing seems way out of whack. What impressed me most, actually, was their sexy and bountiful condiment bar, photos of which I will post soon.

A glimpse into the galley.

I also stumbled into the very tail end of the Pride parade, and the trash-strewn aftermath left in its wake along Hennepin.

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