Friday, June 26, 2009

Minneapolis Day 3: lunch at Sea Salt

Gazpacho with shrimp and crab and fried calamari

The gazpacho (which I had accidentally ordered with the additional shrimp and crab) was pretty good but decidedly salsa-like, a fact which was reinforced by the side of tortilla chips which I didn't eat. The shrimp were decent but not exceptional, and the crab was watery and tasteless--- which is essentially why I had meant to order the soup plain. But the calamari was great, crispy but not excessively battered, and perfectly tender. The accompanying "remoulade" type dip was kind of ghetto but tasty nonetheless. It also came in a morbidly large portion, which made me wish I had somebody to share with (yes yes, of course I scarfed it all regardless) . All in all, I still find it a bit pricey for what it is and for the fact that it's served more or less like take-out. I guess it validates my original thought which was "why would I eat seafood in Minnesota when I now live on the ocean?" Yet I like Sea Salt for what it is, and it's nice on a gorgeous day like this to be able to grab some fish and chips and a pitcher of Surly to enjoy out under the oak trees in the sun.

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