Friday, June 26, 2009

Minneapolis Day 2

Lunch at Common Roots: beet and wheatberry salad with apple and chevre, toasted onion bagel with veggie cream cheese
Very tasty salad, with all around good flavor and texture. The bagel lived up to the hype I'd been hearing, which is to say that it was very good. With a blistered, very crisp exterior and a nice chew, I'm pleased to finally find a bagel that's got some substance--- unlike the donut-shaped Wonderbread that one usually finds. I would say, however, that some of the pricing seems a little fuzzy... If a bagel costs .95, how does a small swipe of cream cheese work out to $1.55 in addition?

Dinner: pink lemonade and popcorn (with real butter!) at the Riverview, mango-habanero ice cream and strawberry sorbet at Crema Cafe

Late night snack discovery: Turns out HKN's beef with celery is quite tasty the day after, cold.

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