Sunday, April 30, 2006

Dinner at D.E.P.U.R.

After being thwarted on our plans of a bouillabaisse blowout and subsequently an oyster blowout, we finally went to Drôle d'Endroit Pour une Rencontre, a place that's always caught our eye directly next door to the brioche store (essentially across the street from us). The Dj'd music was extremely loud, but it was dark, friendly and casual with good food.

First course of white asparagus velouté for Ryan and a red radish and mixed green salad with slightly minty dressing and thin seared slices of andouillette for me. For plats he had sauteed pickeral (sandre in French) with chorizo and white beans, I had sauteed bar (like sea bass) with citrus and spring vegetables. We shared a bottle of Colombelle which went fine with everything.

Skipped dessert as we had had an enormous (and good) one for lunch at Laetitia and Xavier's place. I took no photos, but we had jambon cru and an almond-studded saucisson sec from the Alps, a really tasty warm tart of roasted red peppers and chèvre, followed by lamb chops, yummy couscous and more of the peppers, and then a big hunk of white chocolate mousse on a base of crunchy pailleté feuilletine and chocolate. It was an especially good day of eating yesterday!

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