Thursday, April 20, 2006


Oh, what I would give for better spatial reasoning, more precise small motor coordination and a robot translator! Mocha cake and eclairs are my two new archnemeses. Not so much the whole cake, but the pattern we were doing on top. And not so much eclairs, but the piping of the dough. So, cake decorating via bread knife and dressage via piping bag have been the true bane of my existence the past two days. I also sensed that my pithivier had tremendous potential to drive me over the brink into permanent insanity, but it I think it turned out ok (we bake them tomorrow, so we'll see). The week went by very fast, in general but also truthfully as it was only 3 1/2 days instead of 4 1/2. For the next two weeks we will have a different teacher, which I am nervous about as our current one is fantastic in both skills and personality and the next one is, well, also fantastically skilled but more intimidating. Old school. But hopefully I'm wrong, and someone already told me I am, so I'm hoping they're right. That I'm wrong.

I need sleep.

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