Monday, April 03, 2006

This is what my brain feels like.

First day! My mind is melted, and we didn't even really do much. We had general welcome-to-the-school-type formalities, lunch, a looong PowerPoint presentation on hygiene and food safety from a guy named --no joke-- Mr. Orange, more general overview of the course, got our lockers, and that was about it. There are I think 3 Taiwanese, 2 Koreans, one Filipina, 4 Frenchies and me. I teamed up with the girl from the Philippines right away, seeing as how english is her native language. However, she only seems to know about 10 words of French. I think she'll have a tough time initially, of course, as well as a couple of the other people in the class who seem pretty sketchy French-wise. Also met a nice lady who I thought was british, but it turns out she's a Frenchy who now lives in Johanesburg. She will be helping me and the other girl out with a lift tomorrow since she has a car (there will be another strike.)
We are going to check out Rungis this Thursday-- at FOUR in the morning. It's going to be crazy! I'm going to take a million photos. So far so good.

French word of the day: mouchoir en papier = kleenex ("paper handkerchief")

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